KHDA Mandatory Professional Development

Currently, teachers working in the Emirate of Dubai are expected to engage with the Competent Teacher Status (CTS) requirements; one of these requirements is to have completed six Mandatory Professional Development courses. 

Each of the six courses must be completed with an approved provider or Quality Assured Training Provider (QATP).  As an approved KHDA training provider, TELLAL is offering the MPD as online courses, so that teachers can complete the requirements in a flexible manner that considers the large workload and constant time pressures teachers often have.

Each of the courses covers a particular topic that is in line with the agenda of Dubai and their goal to enhance the capacity of educational providers in order to improve standards for all students, across the board.

The topics are:

Child Protection & Safeguarding

Including detecting and reporting child abuse and dealing with bullying


How to promote positivity, mindfulness and happiness, as well as health and safety guidelines and hygiene priorities.

People of

 To facilitate inclusion and best practice methods to cater for students with Special Educational Needs


Ensuring the most appropriate ways to deal with students and colleagues from different cultural and socio-economic background.


Including civics, community, values, empathy and respect



Covers environmental awareness, conservation methods and aspects of the green economy.


Currently available for those pursuing their KHDA Teacher Permit, teachers can complete these courses with TELLAL, as an approved KHDA training provider.  The programme is offered online, in both English and Arabic, and involves approximately 90 hours of learning that will be accessible for four months from the date of registration.   At the end, participants will exit with a TELLAL Certificate of Completion and a KHDA Certificate of Completion.

For more information on the KHDA Teacher Permit (Competent Teacher Status), select this 
link to the KHDA website

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