The Power of Teamwork: Right from the start
1/15/2019 12:00:00 AM

The Power of Teamwork: Right from the start

As educators we know the importance of Early Years education and with the collaborative work being conducted by the TELLAL Early Years Network, there is an exciting evolution in the potential we have to come together in order to elevate our performance for every child. 

Established in 2016 with just 22 members, the Early Years Educators group now has over 380 members all of whom are committed to their vision of facilitating the sharing of outstanding Early Years practice across GEMS schools.  Their fresh perspective of collaboration and coordination is designed to break down traditional barriers and bring people together in order to discuss, develop and implement best practices that can help everyone grow their professional skills and discover new ways to engage and educate their classrooms. 

Jennifer Dale, the Primary Vice Principal of GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail has been running the network for the last two years and couldn’t be prouder of all they have achieved together, “We have a fantastic team of members who regularly provide professional development opportunities, moderation sessions and discussions for all of our other members to access.  For many in the Early Years field, these types of resources can be a huge help and a boost to their professional self-improvement.”  Jennifer and her team fully champion the networking aspects of the group and encourage members to lead events and share information on Early Years teaching methods and topics.  

By holding regular meetings and hosting an active Facebook Page ‘TELLAL Early Years Educators’ the network has been able to promote a culture of inclusion and teamwork that has produced vital results such as the shift in focus that non-academic areas of learning are just as important in the Early Years period.  This internationally-supported attitude is at the heart of what the group is working on this year and links directly to the Early Years curriculums.  Soft skills and well-being sessions, like Yoga, are becoming more and more impactful on children’s development and shaping their growth at this key time.  The group even hosts an ‘Achieving Excellence with Yoga’ event that is practically based with attendees engaging in Yoga, mindfulness and healthy living, all of which are designed to enrich lessons and facilitate greater academic attainment. 

If you work in Early Years education and would be interesting in finding out more about the group and how you can get involved, whether you want to learn more or feel you might have something useful to contribute from your own experiences, then you can join their Facebook Page ‘TELLAL Early Years Educators’ or get in touch with Jennifer Dale directly at [email protected].


Sheryl Lee Rogers

Senior Manager – Digital Professional Learning & Development

Sheryl is responsible for the design, development and deployment of

digital resources and environments that are at the heart of TELLAL’s methodologies.


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