2020 review
10/11/2021 12:00:00 AM

The TELLAL Training Calendar

Expanding Horizons

The beginning of October 2020 marked a major milestone for The TELLAL Institute.  For the first time ever, we launched a total of 47 programmes in one day, all available online.  This exciting expansion of the TELLAL Training calendar builds on a rich history of cultivating skills development that is most relevant to current needs.  It is a testament to the hard work of our team and a continuation of our efforts to provide the highest quality training to teachers at every level of their career.

So Many Programmes….

With the challenges of 2020 impacting so many, it was even more important for the TELLAL team to make the Autumn set of cohorts as comprehensive and accessible as possible.  The 47 programmes we launched on 6th October included both English and Arabic options and registered over 380 participants.  We also completed an 8 month mirroring project that same day, allowing us to offer Arabic modules of our Teacher and Middle Leader online courses.  Thanks to a track record in innovative blended learning, providing effective and relevant online courses that provide the greatest levels of professional development for new and current teachers was well within our capabilities.

Behind the TELLAL Training

Exploring the range of online courses available can be done here, but we wanted to share some brief insights into the ‘behind the scenes’ elements of our TELLAL Training programmes.  What sets us apart is not only our commitment to advanced technology and state-of-the-art methodologies, it is our visionary team whose ideas and dedication consistently produce the best results.  Their hard work  this year has supported the Launch of the Early Years Academy which champions unique solutions and training options that enhance and improve development for teachers of our little ones at this crucial time.  Fresh perspectives have seen the foundation of our Language Academy, a hub of creativity that transforms the way we view teaching in different languages and aims to safeguard its future.  While so many team members worked on making this happen, special thanks has to go our Digital Administrator Caleb Johnson, Sahar Aboonajmi for building the Arabic modules and Akram Gozlan for general IT wizardry!

Don’t forget TELLAL has a range of online course available for prospective and existing teachers at all levels, including the KHDA Mandatory Professional Development Courses.  If you would like to explore our range of courses, click here, or reach out via email on  [email protected] or phone on +971 4403 5146.

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