Nanny Bootcamp @ TELLAL: Early Childhood Development
1/30/2020 12:00:00 AM

Nanny Bootcamp @ TELLAL: Early Childhood Development

At TELLAL we understand the importance of proper support and expertise in the early childhood stage.  Parents and organisations should always have peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding young children’s growth.  That is why we are launching a brand new intensive programme in Early Childhood Care and Education, Nanny Bootcamp.

Inside Nanny Bootcamp

Our new ‘nanny bootcamp’ will offer an expert induction into Early Childhood Care and Education.  It is an opportunity for individuals to get qualified experience to expand their skills.   Organisations who provide child care, such as hotels or agencies, can also utilise the programme for their employees.  We can even design a tailored programme to run in-house training for their staff based on their specific needs.  The face to face training is formed of four days and delivered across two weekends.  It will include crucial elements of early childhood care and education such as:

  • Child development
  • Play based learning
  • Enabling environments
  • Health and safety – dealing with accidents, injuries and illnesses, emergency situations
  • Positive behaviour management
  • Care routines – nutrition, toilet independence, sleep times
  • Positive communication with adults

Once completed, there will also be the chance to undertake our CACHE Level 1 in Caring for Children course.  This online programme will provide a formal CACHE award which meets the minimum requirement needed in UAE nurseries.   TELLAL will be running our Nanny Bootcamp training programme in May/June 2020.  The course, available in both English and Tagalog, can be completed before the break for school summer holidays.

The Importance of Early Childhood Care & Development

The stage before and after nursery is an opportunity to enlighten and engage.  Children aged 0 to 8 need to have the right guidance and support to flourish in later life.  According to UNICEF, children who receive assistance in their early years achieve more success at school. “As adults they have higher employment and earnings, better health, and lower levels of welfare dependence”.  There is a much greater international awareness of the importance of this period in life.  Many authorities now recognise how impactful it can be on future potential and the need for training for childcare providers.   The UAE Government is particularly committed to improving early childhood development with a series of centres and initiatives.

If you are interested in registering for the course or would like to discuss a tailored programme for your organisation, please get in touch with Jade Peter-Swain at [email protected].


Jade Peter-Swain

Associate Tutor and Trainer, Early Years

Jade Peter-Swain is an Associate Tutor and Trainer for TELLAL

and currently supports Early Years specialist route training and qualifications.

She is also the founding Executive Principal and CEO of Little GEMS International Al Barsha, Dubai,

a large 300-place preschool for children aged 0-4 years.


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