Leadership Impact Case Study at GEMS Founders School
3/12/2020 12:00:00 AM

Leadership Impact Case Study At GEMS Founders School

TELLAL Institute’s Systems Leaders Programme builds the capacity of school leaders to  successfully drive pedagogical and innovative change in their schools or education networks.

Janet Foley, Vice Principal at GEMS Founders School attended the TELLAL Systems Leaders Programme in 2019. As part of the programme, Janet conducted a school improvement project designed to enhance shared vision, purpose and strategic planning across the school.

To begin, Janet conducted a needs analysis using the 5 Drivers for High Performing Schools. Using this evidence-based approach, Janet applied the School Transformational Learning Framework and 5P model to empower students and teachers to work together to collaboratively design and lead whole school initiatives as part of the new plan.

Through Janet’s school improvement project, GEMS Founders School is leading the way in creating a shared culture of dynamic learning and leadership where everyone across the school can Grow, Flourish and Succeed.

Check out this video of Janet’s ‘leadership impact’ journey to learn how she successfully delivered her school improvement project to enhance the capacity of students, teachers and leaders at GEMS Founders School.

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Shanti Clements

Head of Leadership Academy

With more than 24 years of experience in the field of education, personal development

and leadership research, Shanti joined TELLAL from her post as Principal at Beauty

Point Public School, which she transformed into one of the highest performing schools in Australia.


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