Invest in Employee-Teacher Development
12/15/2019 12:00:00 AM

Invest in Employee-Teacher Development

When it comes to education, the ways in which we can invest in employee-teacher development that enhances our students experiences to learn and grow are of paramount importance. Education is so often the key to how we evolve as a society and how we can foster future generations to make the right choices and have a positive impact on the world. When it comes to running a successful school, teachers are the key to shaping student experiences; so ensuring that they have the best support, training and guidance can make all the difference to overall performance.

Operating in the diverse environment of Dubai and the UAE often provides the opportunity for schools to hire teachers and staff from a wide variety of backgrounds and with exciting experiences that can be hugely beneficial to students. As we all continue to embrace the latest innovations in learning and teaching, it can be easy to assume that fresh faces with unique ideas can offer the best quality for your school; but that isn’t always the case. Whilst a new perspective can often be informative, that doesn’t mean it has to come from a new individual.

There is the potential that far more value could be gleaned from a current staff member who is able to access state-of-the-art training. As experts in continued professional development in education, TELLAL has a wide-reaching view of how effective training can be transformational, particularly when offered to in-house staff and teachers. If you have been considering ways in which to grow your school’s performance, allow us to share why investing in your current employees could be the answer you have been looking for.

Invest in a Trusted Resource

Staff members or teachers who currently work within your school are a ‘known entity’, an employee whose performance and demeanour you have direct knowledge of. Whether you work with them closely or have been briefed by colleagues, you will have an understanding of their experience, their outlook, the way they interact with your students and their impact on the school. ( )New hires, no matter their qualifications, are more untested and you run the risk of including people who might not fit right or could have a more negative impact.   With current teachers, you will be able to recognise those with passion and dedication. You can spot the teaching assistants who would make amazing teachers or the subject heads who could transition into senior leadership roles. This unique perspective allows you to adeptly identify those who would benefit most from training.

Develop Teachers with Institutional Knowledge

In-house teachers and staff members have a unique knowledge of your school or institution that can significantly contribute to the effectiveness of any training course they undertake. With their innate understanding of the school, they can not only apply the tools they learn more effectively, they are able to immediately recognise aspects and factors that would be most beneficial to your particular institution. As an added benefit, they can take real-world examples of challenges or situations into their training and get expert advice on how to proceed.

Development leads to Soaring Success

Unique and innovative training programmes for your in-house staff and teachers can have a profound and lasting impact on your school. With the range of new learning techniques and advanced methodologies that are available, they can not only develop skills faster, but their ability to absorb knowledge that will improve their classroom practice will be extensive. With training courses like TELLAL’s High Leverage Teaching Practices teachers can foster fundamental capabilities critical to enhanced teaching, utilising techniques that are a first for this region.

Return on Investment

In every sector, investment in employee development and support has shown to produce far better results than new hires. By showing your teachers and staff that you value their input and that you are willing to invest in their development, you encourage them to become more engaged, more productive and more loyal. Staff members who feel valued are more likely to stay in an organisation as well as to suggest new ideas and go the extra mile.   As an organisation, you can also feel more confident that your teachers are undertaking expert training that will give them the right qualifications in line with all of the local, and relevant, requirements. At TELLAL, every course from our Apprentice Teaching Practice Qualification to Leadership training are fully in-line with governmental standards and offer the most expert, up-to-date training in the region.

The lower risk and greater efficiency of training in-house staff do present a compelling list of benefits that could be very useful, and highly cost-effective, for your school. If you would like to find out more about the training options available at TELLAL visit our Apply Page here.


Katie Hart

Manager – Teacher Leadership

Katie is Head of the Leadership Academy and joined TELLAL

from her position as Vice Principal at GEMS Wellington Academy,

Silicon Oasis. Her career in education has taken her from Early Years

and Key Stage 1 classroom teaching through all levels of training, coaching,

facilitating and mentorship, to department head and executive leadership.


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