High Leverage Teaching Practice: Reaching New Heights
1/23/2020 12:00:00 AM

High Leverage Teaching Practice: Reaching New Heights

High Leverage Teaching Practice

These KHDA approved and blended teacher development modules provide instructional strategies for effective teaching and learning that are applicable to a wide range of subject areas, grade levels, contexts and curricular.  They are available in both English and Arabic and engage both mentors and participants in joint practice development over an extended period of time reinventing the notion of online learning by using the online content as the resource to support the learning relationship between mentor and mentee and in the space where learning takes place, the classroom.  Following a pilot study in 2019, feedback is already positive with many participants celebrating positive impact upon the quality of their teaching and learning:

The exposure I received by doing the course High Leverage Teaching Practice Module 1 – Student Thinking to various teacher competencies is remarkable. Observing the lesson by Ms. Sophie and watching the interview with her on how she was able to effectively organise a classroom discussion by facilitating opportunities for individual students to share, collaborate, develop their ideas and give and receive feedback in order to build upon their thinking, was very helpful.”

Pilot Group Participant

The HLTP modules combine best practice and the latest research on effective teacher professional development. They take a situated and blended approach, which means that while a lot of the content is delivered online, the real learning takes in your context, situated at your school’s in a face-to-face environment. Because the HLTP modules are in depth, iterative, personalised and aim to achieve significant and sustained change in practice, participants can engage in the learning for 12 months.

To date, 5 modules are available for registration:


And 3 more modules are currently in construction: Communication, Planning and Assessment

Launched in October 2019, 475 teachers are currently enrolled across all 5 modules in both Arabic and English and a total of 129 Mentors have undergone both Face to Face and online HLTP Mentor Orientation training.


“We the first group of teachers got the opportunity to be a part of online HLTP (High leverage training program) on student thinking.

This course has helped me to elicit, develop, interpret and diagnose students thinking. It also helps to plan activities or assign tasks where students get the chance to participate in classroom discussion at their pace and gradually move from remembering, recalling to critically analyzing and evaluating the situation.

In mathematics, I have used the modelling method to derive the formulas and generate the properties or prove the theorems. This allows us to facilitate group discussion and also we get to know how students think to interpret or solve the problems.

Sure this training module will help every teacher to develop students thinking in the right direction and create an effective teaching learning environment.”

Math teacher

            (Grades 6, 8 and 10)

“At Heritage, we looked forward to HLTP as one of the best ways to reach out a group of teachers who have by now moved into unconscious competence of practicing student thinking in lessons. The online module has helped teachers to practice at their pace, reflect and engage in meaningful discussions with their mentors.

Being a mentee in the pilot module has helped me to reflect on deepening thinking in lessons wherein I adopted the practice of metacognitive thinking through dialogic questioning and using  a progressive approach through relational & extended abstract. On reflection, I look forward to create rubrics where students get a chance to self-assess their thinking skills using the SOLO taxonomy.

As a mentor, I was able to involve in critical reflection with my mentees and be a part of their transformation process. Watching the HLTP videos has helped to walk a mile further and take videos of my own lessons and critically reflect on my approach and also share best practices with my colleagues.

Linking it to the UAE teaching standards has helped teachers to work towards making their E Portfolio which is a key component of Teacher’s Licensing system. Timely guidance from TELLAL has helped us to add value to our learning by incorporating the key take away of ongoing external workshops on ‘Visible Learning’ as well.

Some of the key strategies that are embedded right across the school is the importance of ‘Talking partners’ during facilitating group discussions to promote student thinking, visible differentiation through questioning that helps students scaffold their understanding of concepts.

Eliciting responses to promote student thinking has worked well in my classrooms wherein it has helped me assess students’ understanding and vary the pace of my lesson accordingly. And as a team, we look forward to HLTP modules as the key component that will take our ‘Teaching for effective learning in classrooms’ to the next level at Heritage!”

TGT Science – Grades 6, 7 &8

Teaching and Learning Coach


Sheryl Lee Rogers

Senior Manager – Digital Professional Learning & Development

Sheryl is responsible for the design, development and deployment of digital resources

and environments that are at the heart of TELLAL’s methodologies.



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