Different things to do this summer
8/16/2019 12:00:00 AM

Different things to do this summer

It’s getting to that time of year again.  As our days are filled with graduation planning, exam prep, invigilating and cramming in last minute curriculum elements, we can’t help but notice our summer break is just around the corner.  You might even have already started getting envious comments from friends who don’t work in education!  In reality, the summer holidays might appear long to non-teachers, but we know that any part of the holidays that isn’t spent prepping for next year is a well-earned break for hard work, well done. Hopefully it does give you enough time to really focus on yourself and plenty of days filled with fun, friends and fulfilment.  If you haven’t had a chance to plan your break or are looking for ways to be a bit more adventurous this year, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips for things to do that will maximise the excitement and enjoyment.


We know you might have already booked your flights back to the homestead and are probably looking forward to proper catch ups with friends and family, but have you considered broadening your horizons this summer?  There will always be certain destinations that are popular around that time of year and therefore tend to be rather expensive, but there are also lots of interesting and unique places that you can plan trips to without breaking the bank.  You could explore the stunning scenery of Georgia, have your senses transfixed by the sights and smells of Istanbul or experience the wonder of a relaxing trip to Zanzibar that comes complete with brilliant activities, informative sightseeing and Maldives-quality beaches. 


We know how strong the pull of home can be for many teachers, especially during the long (and hot) summer months, but we have also stumbled across some great reasons to avoid booking that flight and spend some more down time right here in the UAE.  First off, it is so lovely and quiet here during the summer.  Since many teachers and families choose to visit their home country and only the seriously heat-seeking tourists swing by, there are simply far less people in town.  That means easy parking, no traffic, no queues, no crowded venues and lots and lots of discounts and offers to be had.  From staycations in luxury hotels to theme parks, water parks, entertainment outlets and restaurants, there are so many special deals to take advantage of, especially in places you have always wanted to visit, or things you have wanted to try, but didn’t want to break the budget.  Trust us, you won’t even notice the heat when you are sipping a cool drink under an umbrella in a six star resort for less than half the normal price!


Given how hard you work during the school year, it can be incredibly tempting to use any downtime for rest and relaxation, but there is something to be said for engaging in a little learning of your own.  Learning a new skill can be empowering and exciting.  Not only is it a restorative way to spend your time, you never know where it might lead.  The length of our summer break often expands the potential for us to not only try out new skills, but master them as well.  Whether you spend your summer here or back in your home country there are endless opportunities for you to expand your knowledge base.  You could indulge in a delicious cooking course or learn a new language; you could try out a new sport or a new fitness training regime.You could get a massage therapist qualification, join a choir or focus on the water and learn to sail or dive?Imagine how good it might feel to head back to school with a fantastic experience under your belt and a new talent to share with your class? 

What are your plans for the summer break?  Have you had a chance to think ahead yet?  Will you be trying something different or are you always an adventurer?  Let us know what you think are the best things to do with your time off and if you have any great tips to share!  Join the conversation via our social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin or email us at [email protected]


Jyoti Cropley

Teacher Training Manager

As Teacher Training manager at TELLAL,

Jyoti is engaged with the development of pre-service teachers

and leads the International Professional Certificate in Professional Practice

for in-service teachers across the GEMS Network.


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