Different Gifts for People You Love This Christmas
12/17/2018 12:00:00 AM

Different Gifts for People You Love This Christmas

Whether you are a devoted Christmas celebrator or not, the festive period does tend to take over everything during the month of December and you are more likely than not going to find yourself thinking about presents for someone.

It might be for family, for friends or colleagues, but ‘tis the season for exchanging gifts and celebrating together.  You might be someone who did all their shopping and wrapping already, or someone who always ‘accidentally’ waits until the last minute, but the gifts you give can often say a lot about you and the way you feel about the person you are giving it to! 

We think Christmas should be a time of fun and frolicking, so we wanted to see if we could help you out a little with some unique suggestions for presents that might just be the perfect solution.  So if you are still stuck on what to get, have a look at our list and see if it sparks some idea…

For the genius kids

Why not try fostering their STEM side with a coding gift for the kids?  Computers and technology are here to stay and by starting them off young, you never know what hidden talents you might discover and who might end up inventing the next ‘facebook’ level idea!  You can choose from a variety of games and apps that are available across the devices or you could get them a course at Cyber SquareSTEM for Kids or The Code.  

A baby gift the parents will love

If you need a gift for a new baby this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with this seemingly magical GUND elephant stuffed teddy.  Unfortunately this does need to be ordered online (so don’t waste time) but we can personally attest to its magical powers of distraction and engagement even during the height of a tantrum!

For the adventure seekers

You could go big budget or low budget with this one, depending on your preferences, but if you know someone who just loves raising their heart rate then consider gifting them a go on the Kite Beach Human Sling Shot or a insta-worthy Sky Dive. 

A treat for that couple you love

Sometimes the best Christmas gifts are the ones that we would never dream of getting for ourselves.  They are usually something a bit different, that gives you a unique perspective and unforgettable memories.  If you are looking for something for a great couple you know, how about treating them to something they can do together like a culinary class.  There are so many to choose from, such a cake making to steak cooking, chocolate creation to mastering fine cuisines from around the world.  They will love it!

For the book worm

We haven’t seen such a perfect present for book lovers in quite some time.  If you know anyone who is a fan of the written word then you will have hit the jackpot with Lithographs.  This unique site prints the entire prose of books on to t-shirts, bags, scarfs, blankets and more.  You have over 200 titles to choose from and lots of options to customise from colour to style.  This one is so good, we have put it on our list (hint, hint)!

For your significant other

Whether that is your best friend, wife or husband, a trip to Banan Beach is a wonderful gift that you can both experience!  Camp out under the stars whilst being very well looked after in this special location (that doesn’t take two hours to get to!).After an afternoon of water sports and sunbathing, you can wind down by the fire as your beautiful tent is prepared for you, you can even take a gang and have your own bbq party! 

Have you found any amazing gift ideas this year?  Tell us what gems you have discovered – we need all the help we can get!


Katie Hart

Manager – Teacher Leadership

Katie joined TELLAL from her position as Vice Principal at GEMS Wellington Academy,

Silicon Oasis, and in 2013, was awarded the prestigious GEMS Core Values Award.

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