A Blended Approach to Online Learning
3/25/2020 12:00:00 AM

A Blended Approach to Online Learning

Education is undoubtedly changing. Gone are the days of ‘one-size-fits-all’, replaced by a new understanding that education needs to accommodate our individuality.  With the spread of the coronavirus around the world enforcing a new frontier in distance learning, we need to adapt even further for the benefit of our students.  At TELLAL we have long championed the benefits of blended and online learning.  Our range of online courses has allowed prospective and current teachers to grow their skills in their own time.  That is why we want to help others draw from the innovative techniques we have been using to improve the success of online learning.

Educational Innovation

The fact is that people learn differently and that accommodating those nuances improves development for everyone.  Educational and vocational norms over ‘how someone should be educated’ had already begun to feel out-dated.  In a world that recognises the value of soft skills and creative thinking, the non-traditional is now king.  That is why online learning has been a key component in the training programmes offered at TELLAL.  Now we all face a reality in which these innovations are more important than ever.

The Lessons of Blended Learning  

Blended learning has been a cornerstone of many of the courses available at TELLAL due to its proven track record in retention and understanding.  Combining a series of elements allows us to provide a more innovative training approach that meets the needs of trainees.  Blending learning:

  • offers more flexibility
  • provides greater empowerment for teachers to meet student needs
  • engages students more lastingly with their training
  • allows for a bespoke approach to suit individual requirements

But how can we now achieve these same benefits in our online learning practices?  For the foreseeable future students will be absorbing material via online platforms, so making that experience as effective as possible is paramount.  Also, improving the quality of online learning could have a lasting impact on our ability to educate underserved communities.

Adapting Online Learning

Studies have shown that the most effective type of learning is one that the student can engage with, relate to and apply to real world situations.  This is why the key to improving the success of online learning is to ensure these elements guide how it functions.  At TELLAL we have designed our virtual simulation training to include aspects like avatar arabisation in order to help engage participants more effectively. By incorporating some of the most effective elements of blended learning UAE teachers can improve the way their students grow through online learning.  They could even interact with student performance even more.  If you want to get the most out of online learning:

  • Utilise the unique elements of your online learning technology to engage students individually and track their level of understanding
  • Connect with other teachers and subject leaders to share ideas and advice on effective tools
  • Ensure your resources and activities are as relatable and as interactive as possible to your students
  • Schedule one-on-one sessions with your students to allow for questions and feedback

Our Virtual Learning Guide takes parents, teachers and schools through the most effective ways to keep our students on track during this time.  It is one of many resources being shared around the world so that our classrooms don’t suffer as we work together to overcome the impacts of the coronavirus.


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Sheryl Lee Rogers

Senior Manager – Digital Professional Learning & Development

Sheryl is responsible for the design, development and deployment of digital resources

and environments that are at the heart of TELLAL’s methodologies.


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