10 Ways to Bring Halloween into the Classroom
10/29/2019 12:00:00 AM

10 Ways to Bring Halloween into the Classroom

When it comes to Halloween, we can all have very different perspectives. Some people count down the days until they can test their heart’s strength in a haunted house. Maybe you can’t wait to go trick or treating with your kids? Others tend to focus on the elements of the evening that result in them watching movies like Hocus Pocus on the sofa surrounded by guilt-free candy. Perhaps you are even someone who can’t stand being scared and would much prefer to ride out the celebrations in a well-lit room with an emotional support animal (the cuddlier the better)?   However you view Halloween this calendar staple is a super fun and engaging way to pumpkin-spice up your classroom for your students.

Here are our top picks for ways to bring Halloween into school and get your kids excited!

  1. Spooky Science – There is no quicker way to get kids excited about science than with fun, different experiments. This recipe for ghost bombs is a fantastic Halloween trick to try and so is this super fun plan for ghost rockets.
  2. Pumpkin Carving – Obviously this is one for the older kids as you would need to use sharper tools, although you could consider pre-carving for younger students and allowing them to decorate. If you use larger pumpkins you can have them work in teams, especially as it can be hard work. It is an opportunity for creativity, discovery and a lesson about food waste as you can encourage them to save the insides and share different things to do with them from roasted seed snacks to pumpkin pie.
  3. Horrific History Quiz – There are so many peculiar facts about Halloween that people will be surprised about, you could easily do a fun quiz for your students (suited to their level) that will help them learn and play. Did you know that the largest recorded pumpkin was over 800lbs!!! You could even tailor it to a topic or subject you are studying and select the scariest facts in that area that you want them to retain.
  4. Candy Corn – Depending on your cooking skills (or time) you could bring in some sweet treats for the class. You can even play a game where they can win them for treats, or have to guess which is which. Take the wrappers off chocolates in a mixed box and then it becomes a lottery. Make sure you take into account any allergies or even consider sharing vegan or sugar-free treats to be safe. For the little ones you could even use Candy Corn to do fun maths problems.
  5. Bone-chilling Recycling – Encourage your students to bring in all the plastic straws they can find, either around school or from home – and then use them to help them make skeleton cards. This is a great activity that teaches them about biology, crafting and reusing things to protect the planet.
  6. Scary Stories – Have the kids take part in a scary short story competition where each of them have to try and write the most frightening story in a specific time. Have prompts and visuals up around the classroom to help with ideas and encourage them to stick to a tight structure. They can then read them aloud and vote for the winner.
  7. Creepy Costumes – how about having a costume competition? You could even set unique parameters like only using recycled materials or old clothes. Perhaps getting them to dress up as characters or things that are relevant to your subject and doing a talk on them? You could also bring in or collect items for them to make things in class.
  8. Biting Biscuits – Biscuit decorating can be a really easy and fun way to engage kids with a bit of creativity and spark their imagination. Selecting a simple base and then including lots of very unique touches they can use and plenty of coloured icing could make for a very raucous (and delicious) class party.
  9. Devilish Discussions – Depending on your subject, consider leading your students in a discussion about fears. English teachers could look at literature in the fright genre and ask students to think about what makes a good scary novel. History teachers could look at scary chapters from history and ask if lessons have been learnt. You could even have a serious talk about what fears people have and share tools to help your students overcome them, as well as helping them understand that we all get scared from time to time.
  10. Ghoulish Games – There are so many fun Halloween games to try for all ages, as well as ones that incur very different levels of mess. How about bobbing for apples or donuts on a string? Spider races or pin the broom on the witch? Grab some inspiration for fun and easy kids games here.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Do you have big Halloween plans? Do you have some great ideas we didn’t include? Tell us your thoughts and join the conversation via our social media channels Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.  


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