Tailored Solutions

In TELLAL, we have substantial experience in educator professional development that enabled us to roll-out a series cutting-edge learning and development pathways for teachers and school leaders.

All our team are qualified teachers and have years of experience in the classroom which we draw on when designing courses from those which are available already to those we customise to meet the specific needs and requirements of the schools and organisations we work with.

Our approach to capacity building, professional development, course development, and training, is delivered via a resource-infused infrastructure, ensuring our capacity building methodology is applied in a customized, collaborative fashion by experienced staff with expertise in curriculum alignment, effective professional development, change management, and research-based practices to promote a cycle of continuous improvement.

TELLAL's approach is deeply ingrained in local context and built on contemporary thinking

    We ensure content that is custom designed is:

    • Context Sensitive
    • Based on Cutting-edge Contemporary thinking
    • Data-driven& multi layered
    • Focuses on continuous learning Integrative
    • Scalable and Adaptable

    Successful implementation of a tailored plan involves the progression through four fundamental stages including: 

    1. the diagnosis of needs; 
    2. the design of differentiated learning pathways to meet those needs; 
    3. flexible delivery to allow full engagement; and 
    4. a capacity-building approach built into the design so that the learning is disseminated in a manageable, sustainable and affordable way, at scale.

    The TELLAL Advantage

    Tailored Provision
    Case Studies

    Explore some examples of TELLAL's tailored services, from capacity building programmes to comprehensive transformation initiatives.

    Case studies
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