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TELLAL is an Arabic word meaning hills or small mounds, which is a powerful visualisation of learning. For most, learning is rarely a straightforward, easy journey. TELLAL stands for Teacher Learning and Leadership for All. The ‘for all’ part speaks to our inclusive approach to growing teacher and leadership talent. So, TELLAL exists for one purpose only: to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in schools.

TELLAL was established in 2016, in the UAE by teachers for teachers, to improve the quality of teaching in schools, firstly in the UAE and internationally. We are associated with GEMS Education and we are the only provider of global school leadership and teacher professional development that are educators and school operators at heart.

We build our propositions based on our experience of educating over 120,000 students a year. Our provision is founded upon excellence in education delivery and school operations and are continually tailored to meet the needs of K-12 education systems around the world. Our focus is to partner with our clients to support their overall, long term education reform efforts and ambitions. 

Vision & Mission

TELLAL’s core purpose is to improve the global quality of teaching and leadership in schools so that every child and young person gets the best possible educational start in their lives and fulfils their potential. The predominant focus is on supporting national education reform efforts where the need is to deliver at scale school leadership and teacher professional development to leaders and teachers.

The predominance of online and remote learning due to the global pandemic this past year has, more than ever before, highlighted the critical role that the global teaching profession plays in our society. The pandemic has elevated the profile of the global teaching profession and has shown parents how important school leadership is to the safe delivery of quality education.  However, the pandemic has also reinforced the need for education systems to focus on and invest in the development of school leaders and teachers. 

With a global need of 69M teachers and more to be done on providing quality development opportunities for school leaders and teachers, we meet these needs by offering learning experiences based on:

Fundamental to TELLAL’s values-based approach is the idea that everybody should be given the power in shaping how their educational community is designed. TELLAL is acutely aware of the crisis in the recruitment of teachers and the crisis globally to children having access to a good quality education. Core to our values is our concern with these crises in global education.

  • Context-Sensitive 

    Understand the local context,  Leaders and Teacher Standards, Arabic teaching and learning needs.  Links to external and internal assessments / judgements.

  • Cutting-edge contemporary thinking

    on leader’s professional development centred around trust, transparency, quality and equity.

  • Data-driven & multi-layered 

    Real-time insights for leaders to identify strengths / opportunities, track progress and assess impact. Hence allows real-time views at multiple levels – individual, school, cluster, group and system.

  • Focus on continuous learning

    Professional development is a continuum, not a one-time activity; leaders need to be facilitated with learning pathways and resources

  • Integrative

    Links and stitches current silos around leader performance and learning pathways, creating an unparalleled holistic view.

  • Scalable and Adaptable

    Approach, processes and pathways can be moulded and contextualised to meet specific needs and build capacity in a sustainable manner.

Our guiding principles foreground a capacity-building approach, in which we operate at scale in an affordable and a sustainable manner. At the heart of what we do are similar value-based collaborative partnerships and a quality assured service.

The vision for TELLAL is bold and its reach is wide. We look forward to unlocking your potential, energising your learning and transforming your future.


Teacher Development Academy

The Teacher Development Academy provides personalized, progressive and specialist professional learning and development for teachers in the UAE and internationally. As an approved Qualifi Learning Centre with the ability to offer a range of Ofqual approved qualifications for teachers and the wider school workforce, TELLAL is the ‘go to’ source for teacher and wider school development, constantly evolving and innovating its propositions to meet learning and development needs. 

Offering products and instructional design shaped by educational analysis, the Teacher Development Academy strives to improve the quality of teaching in the Middle East region and globally in both a practical and measurable way. Our ability to do this at pace, whilst seeking local and national approval, increases the portability of both our certifying and qualifying programmes and allows us to lead in global educational training and offer products in new and relevant ways to the education sector. 

TELLAL’s Teacher Development Academy is unique in the region through its partnership with GEMS Education. GEMS schools provide access to a large community of students and teachers working within a wide variety of curriculum frameworks, disciplines and subject areas. It is this richness of experience and practice which the Academy draws on when designing and developing its training programmes.

The Academy has the ability to offer qualifying teacher training programmes to pre-service teachers as well as in-service trainee teachers already working in schools in both English and Arabic. Our teacher learning and development programmes are competency based and accessible in a variety of modes to suit a range of needs. From programmes for novice teachers to more advanced, experienced practitioners, the Teacher Development Academy provides teachers the opportunity to select from a menu of programmes that can be personalized to meet the specific needs of the individual. Furthermore, our range of specialist programmes cater specifically to Early Years, Arabic Language, Moral Education and Special Educational Needs and Disability teachers and are created and curated by expert pedagogues in their respective fields. 

Education Solutions
For Government Entities

Our focus is to partner with our government clients to support their overall, long term education reform efforts and ambitions.

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