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TELLAL stands for Teacher Learning and Leadership for All. The ‘for all’ part speaks to our inclusive approach to growing teacher and leadership talent. So, TELLAL exists for one purpose only: to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in schools.

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We support Governments in the development of education systems promoting a culture of creativity, sustainability and excellence with a focus on developing human, social and economic capabilities.


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  • I was very hesitant to spend time on the KHDA MPD modules. A teacher’s life is overloaded and I had the impression that this would be another compulsory course that reviews prior knowledge and has no benefits. I declare now I was wrong to think so. Most of the modules had new information that I was not aware, or forgotten to include in my class.

    The teaching method used to deliver the programme was simple, interactive and fast. At no point did I feel my time was wasted. I particularly enjoyed the quizzes, where I reflected on my methods of teaching, especially in this region, UAE. Overall, although long, I highly recommend this course to teachers working in the UAE, as it can be a good insight of what is expected and can improve lesson planning, and collaboration within departments.

    Sophia Veroni

    MPD Teacher Permit Participant

  • Deciding to become a qualified teacher, through Tellal’s Teach Best program is the best decision I have made. The program’s unique school centred approach meant I was in schools within a week of starting the course. The nature of this program, where theory and practice intertwine from day one, meant I was able to immediately apply the different theories and strategies covered during the Tellal sessions. Equally, the weekly Tellal sessions provided my peers and I with continuous support through our placements and through the rollercoaster associated with teaching young children. I would truly recommend this program to anyone thinking of pursuing a career in education.

    Louise Walker

    iPGCP Participant

  • Several staff have benefitted greatly from the iPGCEL and have cited the positive impact it has had on their educational pedagogy and practice. They commented that perhaps the most significant benefit to their development was in challenging their thinking about leading and managing colleagues to ensure the school gets the best outcomes for its students.

    Perry Linsley

    School Principal

  • The TELLAL trainers were very approachable and helpful throughout the session. They were open to questions and willing to support in every way. The strategies used were very applicable for us in the classroom as well as our plans to train other adults in our specialist areas

    Train the Trainer participant

  • Different activities were incorporated in the workshop which gave us a clear insight and understanding of the topics and concepts. The sharing of information between different participants helped us look at different perspectives and assisted my learning. There was plenty of opportunity to share ideas and ask questions and I especially enjoyed gaining an understanding of the 6 leadership types, reflecting on what type of leader I am and the leadership skills I would like to develop.

    Teacher Leaders Programme participant

  • Confident and knowledgeable presenters. Engaging and interactive sessions with group facilitated learning. Insightful to see assessments used for Principals and to receive and understand the type of KHDA interview questions. The RACI matrix provides a clear framework when looking at accountability within schools. Getting interview feedback from respected leaders in the sector was the added bonus.

    Executive Leaders Programme participant

  • I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the coaching model. The discussion points generated were engaging and I liked the conversations that came out of them. They made me think and reflect. Lots of practical application throughout the course and I found it useful to practice real life coaching conversations but also the chance to write up actions plans for me to apply.

    Coach U Clinic participant

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